Why a Longreads Community?

Why is it necessary to create a separate space, outside of Twitter and Facebook, for a Longreads Community? Because both of these worlds are deeply flawed when it comes to this question: What are you reading?

The noise of Twitter, and the constant pressure for the conversation to focus just on the day’s news, has begun to feel too restrictive. Facebook only rewards… well, not reading, or books, I know that much.

Fiction and short stories tend to get ignored. Same with nonfiction books, or #longreads that are more than two weeks old. I want a place where I can find people who will share stories they read and loved, or pieces they just wrote or published, no matter what else is going on in the news cycle. It can be a place where you have a little more room to talk about the story.

If you’d like to post, request an early invite here. Thanks for joining us.

p.s. Writers and publishers, please feel free to share your own work! You’re the best people to tell us about the story and how it happened.

p.p.s. This site also supports images and gifs, so feel free: