Open Thread: The Ultimate Longreads List of Freelance Writers

Editors and agents tell me they use Longreads to discover great reporters and writers. Let’s help make it even easier. Use this open thread to share your name, contact information, links to your writing, your specialties / interests.

What would you like to cover in 2017? What are your biggest questions when it comes to freelancing? Share your stories or ask for advice here.

I should add that there are already a number of great writer databases you should check out, notably Writers of Color, and editor/publisher sites like Who Pays Writers.

For Your Consideration: Open Thread to Nominate Your Favorite Stories of 2016

Every December, Longreads publishes a monthlong celebration of the best stories of the year. (See our past Best Of collections here.) Now’s your chance to help get things started for 2016.

In the comments below, share links to your favorite stories of the year so far. This can include:

  1. Stories you read and loved.
  2. Stories you wrote, edited, or published, and want to submit for consideration.
  3. Books you loved! (Books: the original #longreads.)

The thread is now yours. See you in December!

Eva Holland’s Latest…

I haven’t read this yet but it’s my duty to immediately report new @evaholland stories to the #longreads community: “The Dirtbag Queen.”


Membership, Paywalls, and Funding Journalism Without a Football Phone

In the 1980s, Sports Illustrated landed on a surefire way to drive subscriptions to its magazine. A high-quality print product? Top-notch journalism? Yeah, yeah, sure — probably all of the above. But as a child sitting in front of my television every afternoon, what really sold me — and then by my constant pleading, sold my parents — was this:


The football phone. Continue reading

#business, #media, #membership, #paywalls

Best American Sports Writing 2016

Congrats to Rachael Maddux, whose fox-hunting essay for Longreads, “Fox and Friends,” is a Notable pick in Best American Sports Writing 2016! And, of course, congrats to @evaholland (“Unclimbable”), @andrewjzaleski (“All Heart”), and @matttullis (“The Ghosts I Run With”) for your Notable story honors.

@rickpaulas has a great new…

@rickpaulas has a great new essay for Longreads about who gets paid for live storytelling events. Be sure to see the related debate at Metafilter.

This discussion resonates because a.) it’s the same one we’ve been having for years about writers “giving away their work” on the internet, and b.) live events businesses were once supposed to solve publishers’ problems. But it, too, seems to be built on variations of performance for exposure.

I’ve always thought that Longreads…

I’ve always thought that Longreads is at its best when we experience the joy of reading over someone else’s shoulder — and @caaf‘s Black Cardigan dispatches always make me feel that way.