How Roxane Gay helped me quit McNuggets, find my voice, and gave me the courage to say, “I’m fat.” By Megan Fernandez (@MeganFernandez7) for Indianapolis Monthly (@IndyMonthly).

Inside the “United States’ First Political Prison”

A black box inside one of the nation’s most notorious federal penitentiaries, Terre Haute’s D-Unit is entering a second decade—and third presidential administration. It’s home to some of the nation’s most high-profile and controversially confined inmates of the War on Terror. A majority of them are Muslim. With the specter of Islamophobia hanging over the nation, human rights activists who have fought the Kafkaesque study in isolation now wonder: Are things about to get a whole lot worse? Story by @adamwren (Adam Wren) for @IndyMonthly (Indianapolis Monthly).

Matthew Heimbach Has A Dream—A Very Different Dream

Banned from the United Kingdom and banished from Twitter, white nationalist wunderkind Matthew Heimbach rode his rhetoric to the middle of nowhere: Paoli, Indiana. From the confines of a fabled compound there, he hopes to establish what he calls a white ethnostate.
Story by Tony Rehagen (@trehagen) for Indianapolis Monthly (@indymonthly)

The Decision

tyson_social-banner-wordpressOn February 10, 1992, an Indianapolis jury found Mike Tyson guilty of raping Miss Black America contestant Desiree Washington. The case landed the city in the media spotlight, sparked debate over race and sex, and shaped the celebrity-trial era. Now, on the 25th anniversary of the verdict, insiders recount how a boxer’s fight for his freedom ended in a unanimous decision. By Evan West (@EvanWest1) for Indianapolis Monthly (@IndyMonthly)

Dan Wakefield Needs a Ride…

Dan Wakefield Needs a Ride
The bestselling author made a late-life return to the hometown that angrily rejected him as a young man, after his greatest literary success. And in an ironic twist worthy of a novel, the city heartily embraced him at a time in his life when, perhaps, he needed it most. But does Indianapolis really want the complete, unabridged Dan Wakefield—or just the CliffsNotes? By @EvanWest1 for @IndyMonthly

Packing His Baggage Mike Pence…

Packing His Baggage
Mike Pence sold himself as a second Mitch Daniels, but his one term as Indiana’s governor was marred by a mix of political calculation and ideological extremes. Even as Pence leaves the state to become vice president, he departs with the last legacy he ever would have chosen.
By Craig Fehrman (@craigfehrman) via Indianapolis Monthly (@indymonthly)

How a letter to Santa—and…

How a letter to Santa—and a visit from the department of child services—reinforced my approach. By Casey Kenley via Indianapolis Monthly

Confessions of a Free-Range Parent