For Your Consideration: Open Thread to Nominate Your Favorite Stories of 2016

Every December, Longreads publishes a monthlong celebration of the best stories of the year. (See our past Best Of collections here.) Now’s your chance to help get things started for 2016.

In the comments below, share links to your favorite stories of the year so far. This can include:

  1. Stories you read and loved.
  2. Stories you wrote, edited, or published, and want to submit for consideration.
  3. Books you loved! (Books: the original #longreads.)

The thread is now yours. See you in December!

Eva Holland’s Latest…

I haven’t read this yet but it’s my duty to immediately report new @evaholland stories to the #longreads community: “The Dirtbag Queen.”


Can former felons save Freddie Gray’s neighborhood?

Just wanted to share a story of mine published in the Washington Post Magazine, about Baltimore using former violent criminals to mediate gun conflicts in some of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods through a group called Safe Streets—which is in danger of closing entirely.

They’re doing this in Freddie Gray’s neighborhood of Sandtown now, and that’s what the Post Mag piece was about. We followed the group over a period of 3 months after they officially started up in March. The city doesn’t fund Safe Streets, though; it relies totally on grant money. But without additional funding, all 5 Safe Streets sites, including Sandtown, are going to close. Today, after a fight with Maryland governor Larry Hogan, the city just got half a million to keep this going through January. Whether it lasts past then is still uncertain.

Story photos by Andre Chung.


Why a Longreads Community?

Why is it necessary to create a separate space, outside of Twitter and Facebook, for a Longreads Community? Because both of these worlds are deeply flawed when it comes to this question: What are you reading?

The noise of Twitter, and the constant pressure for the conversation to focus just on the day’s news, has begun to feel too restrictive. Facebook only rewards… well, not reading, or books, I know that much.

Fiction and short stories tend to get ignored. Same with nonfiction books, or #longreads that are more than two weeks old. I want a place where I can find people who will share stories they read and loved, or pieces they just wrote or published, no matter what else is going on in the news cycle. It can be a place where you have a little more room to talk about the story.

If you’d like to post, request an early invite here. Thanks for joining us.

p.s. Writers and publishers, please feel free to share your own work! You’re the best people to tell us about the story and how it happened.

p.p.s. This site also supports images and gifs, so feel free:

Quick update: There are now…

Quick update: There are now ~70 total invitees to the Longreads Community experiment. Thanks everyone for taking a look at this.

A couple answers related to questions I’ve received:

1. It’s okay (and encouraged) to share links to your own stories

New or old, you can share them here. I’ll start: Here’s our latest Longreads Original by Tim Zimmermann, about a dolphin trainer who grew disillusioned with the business.

We’ll follow the same rules we’ve followed at the hashtag for years: Share your own work—in most cases you’re the first one to know it’s been published! But also share stories from places where you don’t work.

2. Books and articles both welcome—nonfiction and fiction, old or new

Books and #longreads are usually timeless, so no need for us to succumb to the pressure of only posting “new” things. (Fact: My least favorite phrase on Twitter is, “I’m late to this, but…”)